Functions of the Appointment Calendar Software

The appointment calendar software can be operated without programming knowledge. After you have created all services, all employees, the opening hours, etc., the software will make the daily workflow much easier.

Appointments accepted by telephone or on site can be entered with just a few clicks, for existing customers this is even faster as the software already displays relevant suggestions after entering the first letter.

Take your company to the next level!

Online Appointment Calendar

Your customers make an appointment directly via Facebook or your website.

Automatic mails

After booking and as a reminder before the appointment, the customer receives an e-mail.

Appointment management

You and your employees simply manage the appointments in the backend.

SMS appointment reminder

The customer receives an SMS as a reminder.
( Here additional fees apply )

Coworking Studios

unlimited number of employees possible without price change.

Design Templates

there are 10 different colour templates available. Adaptation to your colours possible.

Software for cosmetic studios

With this software at an affordable price, you save valuable time that is lost with every conventional appointment booking. You know the problem when you have a customer appointment and the phone rings. Our software can not block calls but the software for hairdressers and cosmetic studios will allow your customers to make an appointment directly via Facebook and the website.

Your customers can now search online for free appointments and then book them with the employee of their choice. You don’t have to do any work to make an appointment and therefore you have much more time for your customers on site.


The software is installed in three languages (German, English and Spanish). In the backend of the software, you define the standard language that is important for you, e.g. the German language. The backend is now displayed in German, but the frontend what your customers see is trilingual.

If a customer books now in English language he will receive the confirmation mail, the reminder mails and if booked the SMS in English language, the customer books in Spanish he will receive the information in Spanish language.

If you need further languages, you can easily create them in the backend. By default, the English language will be created, which you then translate into the desired language.